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Based on our race-winning Snap WCE and trimmed down to suit fast flowing trails and lung-busting climbs.

2.35 inch width and trail-friendly tread design afford riders instant acceleration and effortless climbing with just the right amount of bite to dig in deepwhen braking or transitioning to corners.

The central tread design and alternating ramped knobs create this instant speed and effortless rolling and with Top 40 compound creates traction where other trail tyres can’t.

Enduro Core is a single ply with an added sidewall reinforcement dubbed Apex and has the perfect traction to weight mixture for enduro and all-mountain riding. Enduro Core sits inside the tyre structure and reaches about halfway up the sidewall. Enduro Core is designed to rail the downhills while retaining climbing prowess.

Top40 Compound is a dual rubber compound designed for both grip and slow dampening qualities for reduced fatigue on the toughest of terrain. Harder wearing rubber is used at the core of the tread construction while a slightly softer compound is used for the top layer to provide greater grip. that digs into the trail to find every ounce of grip while resisting folding when thrown into corners However the top layer is not so soft that it will wear away easy. The Top40 compound is more of a all-round performance compound which provides good longevity and consistent wear.

VEE Tire Co - Snap Trail (Enduro)

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