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Squirt Dry Lube is a unique dry chain lubricant offering incredible performance and increased durability. This is all thanks to Squirt's unique manufacturing process where a number of waxes are blended for the ultimate dry lube that prevents dirt accumulation. The result is a smooth textured wax emulsion offering long-lasting lubrication, enhanced cleaning properties and performance to extend the lifetime of your drivetrain. Whilst it is also uniquely 100% biodegradable to ensure you leave no trace of your riding! If you're sick of your dry lube lasting less than 100km, then Squirt Dry Lube is the ideal solution - it's perfectly suited to Australia's predominantly dry climate and offers increased mileage compared to its competitors.


  • Long lasting dry lube 
  • Does not gather dirt
  • Prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction and chainsuck
  • Improves shifting and reduces irritating dry chain noise
  • No degreasing required. If needed clean with dry brush.


  • Volume: 120ml

SQUIRT Dry Lube 120ml

AU$22.00 Regular Price
AU$17.60Sale Price
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