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Reverse Components - Base Singlespeed RE 135/10 Hub, with 13T Cog

Our BASE series is about high performance, bullet-proof durability and simplicity.
The singlespeed hub is ideal for your park/dirt jump/slopestyle or fixie style bike. It s built for riders looking for more riding time and less maintenance.
With 4 Industrial bearings and a 13T cog as standard, (9T - 10T - 11T - 12T driver with cog also available), it is purpose built to create a durable setup that can spin for a long time.

- 135/10 mm
- Number of holes: 32
- 4 sealed bearings (4 x 6902 2RS)
- 6 pawls
- The sprocket of the hub on the freewheel is permanently installed.
- 25 points of engagement.
- 1 by 10-speed chains
- 13 T cog (Optionally you can buy 9T / 10T / 11T and 12T freewheel including cog)
- Weight: 358g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: Aluminium
- Maximum screw tightening torque 40 Nm

Spoking data:
Flange to Center dimension:
- Left (Brake disc side): 34mm
- Right (Drive side): 36mm

Flange circle diameter.
- Left (Brake disc side): 58mm
- Right (Drive side): 58mm


Spoke hole dimension.
- 2.5 mm

Reverse Components - Base Single speed RE 135/10 Hub

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