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Reverse Components Nico Vink Signature Saddle - Coppe

Nico is known for his incredible jumps and his hard and uncompromising riding style.
He needed a sturdy and durable saddle with a shape that allowed him full freedom of movement and pinchable on tricks.
The Nico Vink Signature saddle is reinforced at the key points with Kevlar and offers optimal control on the bike with its increased flanks, even during airtime.
The saddle was developed in close collaboration with Nico and fits perfectly with the design of the other Nico Vink Signature Series products!

The saddle comes with a free "Nico Vink Stickerbomb" mudfender (black / white) worth EUR 6.90.

- Length: 235 mm
- Width: 127 mm
- Weight: 260 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: CrMo (frame) / kevlar (edge protection) / vinyl (saddle cover)


Nico Vink Signature Saddle - Copper

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