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These were the aims of our new Black ONE rim, to take the renowned success of our previous generation of rims and build on it - with a wider diameter for better tire profiles and tubeless seating, increasing strength and reducing flex.

- Faster cornering
- More grip
- Increased strength
- Precision stiffness


Dextro aluminum (specially heat-treated aluminum)



  • Rim joint: pinned (sealed rim joint for perfect tubeless perfomance)
  • Size: 27,5"
  • Holes: 32 (without eyelets)
  • ERD: 554,3++
  • Outer width: 35mm
  • Inner width: 30mm
  • Height: 21,8mm
  • Weight: 521g (+/- 5% production tolerance)
  • Rims without eyelets (for minimum weight and maximum precision)
  • Tubeless ready - can be converted to tubeless by the installation of our tubeless kit.

Reverse Components - Black ONE 35-TR 27.5" Dextro Rims

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