If you are running a 1-by drivetrain, this aluminum made smart little trigger-style remote for dropposts replaces your original thumbshifter for droppost models and other devices, such as:

  • BikeYoke Revive
  • Kindshock LEV, LEV Integra, Supernatural
  • Race Face Turbine
  • 9Point8 Fall Line
  • Easton Haven
  • Specialized Command Post
  • X-Fusion Hilo
  • Thomson Elite
  • Canyon Strive Shapeshifter


Not suitable for:

  • Fox Transfer
  • Giant Switch SL
  • Thomson Covert
  • Gravity Dropper
  • Vecnum Movelock
  • YEP Uptimizer


Generally speaking this remote will work with any post that features following:

  • Shift cable is is installed from the front through the remote and clamped at the seatpost (means shift cable head is placed in the remote and not in the post)
  • Cable pull is less than 13mm


If you are using a different seatpost from the ones listed above, please contact us about compatibility.

The remote is mounted to the handlebar via SRAM Matchmaker or Shimano I-Spec adapter, or with a regular SRAM trigger clamp.

Optional from Reverse Components available trigger clamps and colors can be found here.


  • Black anodized and laser engraved full aluminum body and lever
  • Maximum cable pull: up to 12.5mm @ 49° lever movement
  • 2 threads in remote body for left/right position adjust
  • Integrated cable tension adjuster (barrel style)
  • Weight: 35g

This item includes

  • Remote (black anodized and laser engraved aluminum body and aluminum lever with cable tension adjuster
  • Inner cable
  • Brake mounting adapter (optional)

Triggy Remote Switch