LIMITED EDITION: Magura MT Trail Carbon

MAGURA’s new defiition of trail braking performance – 4 front pistons for maximum braking power, 2 rear pistons for perfect modulation. All for a weight of just 330 grams (average value).

100% Trail Performance 2+4=3

The performance of the MT7 was superb. With a little less weight at the back and modified trail performance it has been optimised even more. The MT8 stands out thanks to its low weight.

Lightweight 330g

Weighing in at 330 grams the MT Trail Carbon is 15% lighter than the MT7 and just 5% heavier than the MT8 (299 grams), but still provides 100% trail performance.

Eyecatcher Carbon / Chrome

Through the Carbolay lever and handlebar clamp, the MT Trail Carbon has a shiny deep-black carbon design on the handlebars and high-gloss chrome on the brake calliper.

Special presentation box with MT Trail Shirt

Please note: Rotors and adapters are not included and are sold separately.



  • Application- Trail
  • Brake Lever Blade- Carbon Carbolay
  • Hydraulic Fluid- Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Reach adjust- Yes, tool Allen3
  • Remote Mix- Yes
  • Colours- Black / blue / chrome polished
  • Flip-Flop- Yes, left or right reversable
  • Recommended Rotor- Magura Storm HC
  • Lever Blade- 2 finger

Magura MT Trail Carbon Limited Edition Brake set (front and rear)

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AU$939.55Sale Price

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