Magura HC3 1-finger lever for MT Trail / MT6 / MT7 / MT8 brake

The HC3 is shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the leverage which changes the braking power.

Opportunities for individual adjustments of the HC3 lever blade:

  • Reach Adjust with Inbus SW3: the lever can be adjusted quick and simple to your handsize, finger length or personal preferences.
  • Ratio Adjust with Torx T25: When changing the leverage mechanically the braking power is adjusted differently, which leads to perfect amount of braking power for every situation:
    • High leverage on sticky terrain = high braking power
    • Small leverage on slippery terrain = extended modulation.

Compatibility - MT6, MT7, MT8, MT Trail Carbon

Magura HC3 1-finger Lever

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