Compatibility: Magura MT7 & MT5 

Equivalent to Magura Performance 8P

Material: Steel back plate and organic pad
Weight: 19g

Scope of delivery: 4 pads per set

Our organic brake pads offer:
- Long life
- Very good cold braking performance
- Very good braking performance on cold, dryness or wetness
- Optimal braking and long life in the mid-temperature range
- Low noise
- Creates possibly the remedy at disturbing brake noise
- Asbestos free


REVERSE Components brake pads are perfectly suited for all biker of Tour / XC to DH!

The REVERSE Organic brake lining unfolds the full braking force already in the cold state. In extreme range at high temperatures with constant load, the wear is slightly larger.

Brake Pads for Magura MT5, MT7