Wider and stiffer are the main attributes for this rim. The 28,5mm width will work great with wider tires and the bed is designed to be easily modified for tubeless. This rim handles everything from aggressive XC riding to full enduro madness. Even for DH Racing a good option on the front wheel. Our Dextro alloy composition is a special heat threated grade 60 alloy.


Dextro aluminum (specially heat-treated aluminum)



  • Rim joint: pinned
  • Size: 27,5"
  • Holes: 32 (without eyelets)
  • ERD: 560,5++
  • Outer width: 28,5mm
  • Inner width: 23mm
  • Height: 18,5mm
  • Weight: 454g
  • Rims without eyelets (for minimum weight and maximum precision)
  • Tubeless ready
  • Maximum body weight: 130kg

27,5" Enduro Dextro Rims